About us

established in 1999

main activities - Automatic Control Systems (Information Systems) creation based on various platforms, automation and information support for big, middle and small business, including the following:

  • SAP implementation support
  • intranet systems development for personnel, internal document flow and company expenses management
  • corporate networks protection projects
  • database development, including DB2, Oracle and others
  • IBM AS/400 system-based programming on RPG/ILE, SQL, CL
  • installation, optimization and support of LANs
  • business solutions (Videoconference, VPN, etc.)

main projects:

  • intranet system creation for big companies
  • DB2 databases creation with AS/400 replications
  • global networks creation and optimization with Cisco Systems equipment use
  • AS/400 programming
  • videoconferences - project creation, installation, implementation
  • network protection projects development for perimeter secure against outer invasions
  • software creation for deep analyze of Cisco Firewall log files

We are business-partners of IBM and Cisco Systems.