end-user development
  1. ABAP programming. Development of interfaces for SAP. Development of reports in SAP environment. Participation and support in SAP implementation.
  2. intranet systems development, including systems of personnel management, internal document flow and company expenses management
  3. installation and tuning of protection systems against outer invasions and access control for corporate networks
  4. database development for various platforms using most advanced DBMS and programming languages, incl. DB2, Oracle
  5. IBM AS/400-based systems programming on RPG/ILE, SQL, CL
  6. software development on Java, C++, Perl , Object Pascal, Basic with usage of CGI, COM, DCOM, XML, CORBA, JDBC, ODBC, JSP, ASP, Java Servlets technologies
  7. information inter-exchange organization between different IT platforms, databases integration
  8. unique business processes automation and special solutions development
  9. interfaces development, including Web-interfaces for existing systems